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Funnel Setup on Gohighlevel, Kajabi and Systeme.io

I have worked with Abeeb twice now and each time he has exceed my expectations. He is professional, easy to communicate with and is work his exceptional. Abeeb created two funnels for me, one in gohighlevel and one in systeme.io. He has a deep understanding of technology and his work was completed on time. I would highly recommend Abeeb.


Ruth Sheridan

Supportive, Insightful and Amazing to me and my Brand

I wholeheartedly recommend Abeed for any go high level function requiring expertise, innovation, and exceptional work ethic. Abeed has significantly enhanced our operations through his deep understanding of system design. His knack for solving complex problems and making timely corrections has been invaluable. Beyond his technical skills, Abeed’s encouragement and support have been instrumental for me as a new business owner, making him an invaluable asset to my team.


Dr. Nina Copeland

My No1 Expert For All Things Tech

Abeeb is my #1 expert for all things tech in my business. He’s helped me transfer and rebuild my website so many times, I’m starting to lose count. He is consistently fast and friendly, and he’s an excellent problem-solver. He keeps all the gears of my online platform oiled and running smoothly. I feel blessed to have met him.


Sharon Jackman

Sharon Jackman Hypnosis


A true professional and highly collaborative business partner. Highly recommended!

Abeeb has taken our landing page design work to another level! Importantly, it is much more than design alone. His work encompasses solid consumer insights and conversion logic. This enables the story to connect with users on multiple levels. On the creative front, his work is bold and imaginative. Technically, he is laser focused on the details and implements automation where needed to help ensure a fluid and intuitive user experience. In terms of customer service and doing whatever is needed to deliver on time, you can count on Abeeb. A true professional and highly collaborative business partner. Highly recommended!


Precise Portions

Awe-Inspiring Web Design by Abeeb: A Perfect Blend of Creativity and Functionality!

I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience working with Abeeb, an incredibly talented web designer who has left me speechless with his exceptional skills. He has masterfully crafted three websites for me that are nothing short of extraordinary, both in terms of their uniqueness and their stunning visual appeal.

From the moment I laid my eyes on these websites, I was instantly captivated by their breathtaking design. Abeeb possesses a remarkable ability to infuse creativity into every pixel, resulting in websites that are truly one-of-a-kind. The attention to detail, the harmonious color schemes, and the overall composition of each website are a testament to his artistic prowess.

Not only are these websites visually stunning, but they are also highly functional. Abeeb's expertise in user experience is evident throughout, as he has meticulously designed intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces. I greatly appreciate how he has managed to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that the websites are engaging without overwhelming visitors.

Abeeb's ability to understand and bring my vision to life is truly commendable. He took the time to listen attentively, grasping not only the core objectives of my projects but also the unique essence of my brand. The end result is three websites that perfectly embody my vision and have surpassed all expectations.

Working with Abeeb has been an absolute pleasure. He is not only a highly skilled professional, but he is also responsive, reliable, and committed to delivering excellence. He was always available to address any concerns or queries I had, and he went above and beyond to ensure that my satisfaction was paramount.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Abeeb as a web designer of unparalleled talent. His ability to create unique and visually stunning websites, coupled with their seamless functionality and lack of busyness, is truly remarkable. With Abeeb's expertise, you can trust that your websites will not only be visually stunning but also highly effective in achieving your goals. I am beyond grateful for his exceptional work and cannot wait to collaborate with him again in the future.


Wayne Walker

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